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Hello everyone my name is Konrad Adderley and welcome to the Plant Based Lifestyle Challenge. The Plant Based Lifestyle Challenge are for individuals who have a strong desire to become plant based/ vegan. You've done the research on a plant based lifestyle and you know it's the healthy way to go. You're already sold on a plant based lifestyle and you're ready to make the switch but you have one major problem. Vegan food doesn't taste as good as what you currently eat, it isn't as satisfying and there's not enough variety. You're not alone, many people feel this way and this is one of the biggest problems in transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. By solving the taste and variety problem we believe many more people will become plant based. Enter the Plant Based Lifestyle Challenge. The Plant Based Lifestyle Challenge is a 5 hour cooking challenge where we teach you how to make vegan foods taste better and more satisfying than what you currently eat while at the same time create an abundance of choices.

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Together we are going to make a 24 course vegan feast. Zero cooking skills are needed and each challenge workshop is limited to 12 students and 3 vegan mentors. Each student will make 2 courses each under our careful guidance. Each course demonstrates our cooking system from beginning to end. So you will learn the cooking system many times over. Our cooking system is called the Synergy Cooking System and it is simple enough for a nine year old to understand and do. We don't use recipes, we don't measure anything and we don't make a mess. We use cooking concepts only. We will be working with over 45 different herbs and spices and 20 different vegetables. The food we prepare is nutritious low in fat, salt, and sugar. We use whole, unprocessed plant based foods fresh from the farmer's market.

The ability to make plant based foods taste better than what you normally eat is a game changer because it will shield you from the temptation of eating unhealthy foods. It will be your best protection from falling off the plant based wagon simply because now you have the skill to make plant based foods that are more satisfying and tasty at home.

Your challenge is to learn our cooking system so that you can liberate yourself to enjoy the delicious plant based lifestyle you deserve. Full of flavor full of life. We also set up group support for everyone. We talk about different strategies for not falling off the wagon and what to do if we slip back into our old eating habits. We also talk about growing this movement and teaching others what we have learned.

At the end of the challenge the winners will be awarded a certificate of achievement. Winners will affirm their new identity as vegan with a short affirmation and then live the best plant based life ever.

This group is also open to vegan chefs and expert vegan home cooks who want to volunteer and mentor at our challenges.

About me: My name is Konrad Adderley, I am a professional musician, self taught plant based chef, and furniture designer. I currently play bass for the Broadway show Wicked. I created the Plant Based Lifestyle Challenge to alleviate the stress, fear and anxiety of becoming a vegan and to speed up the transition to a plant based planet. I also wanted to dispel the myth that plant based foods cannot taste better than the standard American diet. Once we refine the Plant Based Lifestyle challenge to where it is able to convert 80 percent of the participants into vegans thru superior taste alone, we will then duplicate the challenge worldwide.

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