• Talk about Temperaments

    70 Woodfin Pl

    Do you believe people are born pre-wired for certain temperament traits? Are you a fan of Jung, or Myers-Briggs (MBTI), the Enneagram, the Color Code, or some other form of thinking about temperament? Have you noticed or been influenced by a temperament theory in your relationships with family, friends, or at work? This will be a relaxed and social sharing of ideas and resources, and should be fun--but it's not an academic lecture! We're meeting at my office, which is in what is the old Memorial Hospital building. To say it's a commercial building makes it sound more modern than it is, but it is a business address. There's lots of parking. The elevator is, I'm told, the oldest operating one in WNC, but there are also fine stairs... If anyone is nervous about coming into the building at night, message me and I'll come downstairs and walk you up. There will be little signs directing to the 4th floor for the meetup. You're also welcome to bring some snacks, for yourself or to share. :)

  • The Mandela Effect: Evidence of Matrix, Alternate Dimensions, or Mass Delusion?

    The Mandela Effect is variously seen as evidence that we are living in a matrix, that there are alternate/parallel dimensions, or that collective mis-remembering is a common cognitive effect. Those not familiar with the Mandela Effect can learn more here: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/the-mandela-effect. Those who believe they have personally experienced a Mandela Effect (and especially a "flip-flop") often make this a serious study. We'll do a quick overview of the idea, will collect personal experiences, and then will try and determine how and why changes might be occurring or be perceived to be occurring.

  • Watch The Big Short at Carolina Cinemas in AVL

    Carolina Cinemas

    Spur of the moment... Have really wanted to see this film, even more than that want to be able to talk to people about it afterwards. Films starts at 7:05pm. Anyone who wants to can meet in the theater lounge after the film for a conversation. When I watch a film, I keep three lists in my mind: what points were made really well, what points weren't, and what do I know want to know more about. Perhaps we can start there!

  • "Wounded by School" - Discussing the Impacts of Compulsory Schooling

    Location visible to members

    GIVEN THE LOW RESPONSE (CURRENTLY 1!) THIS WILL BE HELD AT OUR HOUSE. EMAIL [masked] FOR ADDRESS AND DIRECTIONS. We'll look at the ways in which schooling can negatively impact students' views of themselves, their ability to learn, and their ability to be self-directed in life. The goal will be to build a list of potential projects or activities that could help such students. Not all students have bad experiences at school, but I believe that the one things schools are really good at doing is teaching most students that they are not good at learning. While the narrative of schooling is the growth and cultivation of individual capability, the reality of schooling for most students is learning to live in a system of control and compliance. Current students welcome and encourged to join. (Being held in conjunction with the "Learning Revolution" meetup group - http://www.meetup.com/LearningRevolution/events/225632912/ )

  • Introductions & Starting the Conversation

    Steve Hargadon Office

    A chance to get together and to start outlining the stories we are interested in talking about, and to start to get to know each other. If more indicate they are planning on attending than can fit in my office, I'll change the location to somewhere else and alert the group.