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RAIN OR SHINE - SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE DOGGIE WALK - This group is dedicated to doing fun hikes and long walks with our furry/hairy best friends in scenic locations all around San Francisco Bay Area.

Let's face it, we all could use more playtime, whether you're a dog or human, and our dogs can never get too much fun socialization and exercise. I believe it is an important responsibility for us to let our dogs be just dogs, by letting them hang out in a pack, as nature has designed them to be. I love seeing my dog, Truffle, and all the other dogs being so happy walking and playing together, it is a beautiful thing...

Even if you have a tiny pup with a large yard, that does not replace any amount of stimulation and exercise they can get out of going on a hike or walk, especially with other dogs. Remember, playing in the yard is just going back and forth (or going around in circles ;), it does not satisfy their instinct to travel, so I highly encourage taking them out for walks and hikes as much as possible.

Yes, I do have a size limit for the dogs, for a few reasons, so if your dog is under 40 LBS or so, then welcome! :)
Please post a photo of yourself and your doggie.
Please note that we wait 10 minutes for Woofers, so plan accordingly and that you must cancel at least 4 hours in advance.

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