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What we’re about

“Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person - mind, body, intelligence and creativity.” Viola Spolin

Welcome to Play It Out Loud, where we find the play in everything we do! Our group is all about enjoying the game of life through intentional and fun events. You’ll find opportunities to connect meaningfully with other human beings, nature and yourself! You’ll learn games and practices that promote presence and evoke your playful side.

We show up fully to get seriously silly and enjoy satisfying work. You’ll find a dynamic range of events that probably combine activities you’ve never seen together before!

Playful environmental restoration events
“Yes, And” your feelings workshops
Improvising with nature experiences
Mindful improv playshops
Embodied playdates for adults!

Are you ready to create some fun together? If yes, I’m excited to see you in the group!

About Me:

I’m an agent of play, a weaver of fun and someone who says “Yes, And” to the present moment! I enjoy transmuting problems into playful explorations and new possibilities by improvising with what life tosses me. I’m here to inspire you to take the fun leap from resistance and struggle to playful discovery! Embodied transformation and improv have been my go-to practices since 2015. Through this journey, I discovered how much easier it is to use my whole self to transform my experience through play, rather than struggling to “figure things out” with just my brain.

I’m a certified Hendricks’ Big Leap Coach and facilitator and I’ve also been practicing traditional theater improv since 2015, graduating from Seattle’s Unexpected Productions School of Improv. I created Play It Out Loud to empower people to play their way to new possibilities in their lives, communities and the world – knowing full well that play is an evolutionary imperative!