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Quad States NL Texas Holdem Grand Championship: 3 Title Bracelets

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Quad States NL Texas Holdem Grand Championship: 3 Title Bracelets


BLIND SCHEDULE / PAYOUT / RULES: See Official Majestic Star Info PDF for 2010 Quad States Texas Holdem Grand Championship here: https://www.chicagopok... (

WHAT: The Quad States Poker Grand Championship Series. The no-limit poker championship tournament for Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

SPONSORS: Win Texas Holdem Card. See special promotion for tournament attendees here: Click here (

WHERE: Majestic Star Casino & Hotel, Gary Indiana.

DATES: Jan 15 & 16, 2010

FRI., JAN. 15: No-Limit Mixed Games Championship. No-limit H.O.S.E.: alternating rounds of NL Texas Holdem, NL Omaha high, and 7-stud hi/low, 8 or better.

SAT., JAN. 16: No-Limit Texas Holdem Championship.

TIME REGISTRATION BEGINS / SHUFFLE UP & DEAL: FRI (4pm / 6pm) SAT (9am / 11am). Player may enter the tournament anytime during first hour of play.

TITLE BRACELETS: Three 2010 Quad States Championship Title Bracelets will be awarded. One to the Mixed Game Champion (Jan. 15) , one to the Texas Holdem Champion (Jan. 16) and one to the Grand Champion, the player with the highest combined score for the two tournaments.

BUY-IN: $100 buy-in + 20 entry fee = $120 entry per player for starting chipstack of $5000 tournament chips. Optional $5 dealer toke (start of tourney only) for another $1000 in tournament chips.

BLINDS: Blinds will be raised in 30 minute intervals.

DOUBLE-ELIMINATION RE-BUY: This tournament will be conducted "double elimination". Upon the first bust-out a player will be entitled to one re-buy for $50 ($6000 in tournament chips). At the two hour break every player will also be eligible for a $50 add-on ($6000 in tournament chips). The re-buy/ add-on structure assures that every player will have at least two full opportunities to win the tournament and can come back from a bad beat. Therefore to claim the Championship Title Bracelet the winner will effectively have to "beat everyone twice", leaving no question of their skills and accomplishment.

PRIZEPOOL PAYOUT: The cash prize pool will be the total of 100% of buy-ins, re-buys, and add-ons, with a potential payout of 91% at full purchase. Add to that the value of trophies and bracelets and the payout ratio is very attractive.

SPONSOR DISCOUNT: Event sponsor WinTexasHoldemCard is offering a $20 discount off their advanced card. That discount is equal to the entry fee of this tournament.

CASH PAYOUT & AWARDS: Cash prizes will be paid to the top 10%+ finishers, per the standard payout schedule of the Majestic Star. The Top 3 finishers will receive trophies, the Champion will receive the Title Bracelet, the entire final table will qualify for the Player of the Decade Tournament.

PLAYER OF THE DECADE QUALIFIER: All players making the Final Table of any tournament in this series will qualify for entry to the 2010 Player of the Decade Tournament. See details here. (

ELIGIBILITY: Players must be of proper age and hold a Majestic Star player's card, available free at the casino services window.

DIRECTIONS: The Majestic Star is conveniently located about 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. See map here: https://www.majesticst... (

HOTEL RATE: Hotel rooms may be available at the Majestic Star. Poker rate of $69 per night may apply, contact reservations or the poker room for more information.

FREE COURTESY BUS: A very comfortable luxury shuttle bus is available to and from the Majestic Star. It leaves from Chinatown terminal at 2734 S. Wentworth every hour on the half hour (730am, 830am, 930am, etc.). For info on exact schedule please contact Super Star Tours at (312) 328-0388
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