2011 Mo-Kan-Neb Mixed Games Poker Championship, Title Bracelet to the Winner

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WHAT: 2011 Kansas State NL Mixed Games Poker Championship

WHERE: Reed's Lakeside Bar & Restaurant, 29th & Croco Road, Topeka

DATE: May 22, 2011.

WHEN: Registration starts 1:30pm. Shuffle up and deal at 2:00pm

GAME: Alternating Rounds of Texas Holdem, Omaha (Hi), 5-Card Stud, and Kansas City Lowball/

RULES: Tournament rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association (Poker TDA) and Roberts Rules of Poker will be in effect unless otherwise posted.

BUY-IN: $25 (sugg. donation).

RE-BUY: Double elimination structure. All players may make one re-buy only upon first bust-out. Re-buy will be the equivalent of 30 X the next big blind at the time of the re-buy. If player doesn't re-buy by 1st break, they may have 1 add-on after the break.

PRIZES: 1) Generous payout to top 10% of finishers. 2) Trophies to Top 3 finishers. 3) Title Bracelet to Champion. 4) All players reaching the final table will qualify for the Kansas State Holdem Championship Final Round (see that event, June 19), and the Missouri State Texas Holdem Championship (August). 5) All players finishing in the top 10% will receive points towards the MoKanNeb Tri-State Grand Champion Title and Bracelet.

TITLE BRACELET: The tournament champion will receive the 2011 Kansas State No-Limit Poker Championship Title, Trophy, and Bracelet.

TROPHIES: Trophies to top 3 finishers

MO-KAN-NEB TRI-STATE GRAND CHAMPION TITLE: This is one of 8 tournaments with qualifying points for the MoKanNeb Tri-State Grand Champion Title. The tournaments are: The Topeka Texas Holdem Championship, The Kansas City NL Lowball Championship, The Kansas City NL Texas Holdem Championship, The Manhattan Texas Holdem Championship, The Omaha Texas Holdem Championship, The Missouri State Texas Holdem Championship, The Kansas State Mixed Games Championship, and the Kansas State Texas Holdem Championship. The player with the highest combined score in this tournament series will be awarded the[masked] MoKanNeb Tri State Grand Champion title and bracelet. You need not compete in all events to be eligible for this title.

QUALIFIERS: The final table will qualify for the Final Round of the Kansas State Texas Holdem Championship (June 19), and Missouri State Holdem Championship (August). They will go directly to the Final Round and will not need to participate in the Round One qualifier.

TOURNAMENT STAFF: TD: Poker Pub of Topeka, TM: Chicago Mike Bishop

BENEFICIARY: Proceeds of this non-profit charitable event benefit the Arthritis Foundation.