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Let's Learn Spanish!

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This meetup is for anyone from the Polyglot group interested in an additional Meetup to focus on practicing Spanish.

We have a nice mix of native / advanced speakers as well as intermediate and beginners. We are reading a story in Spanish and translating / discussing as we go. The advanced and native speakers in the group have been a big help in the discussions, so many thanks to them!

In the October 5th Meetup, we will be reading Lesson 14 of "Los viajes de Rosa y Ernesto". If anyone wants copies of lessons 1-13 to catch up, please email me and I will get them to you. (Please send me an email @ to request them. I cannot send attachments via the Meetup email.) I will bring copies of Lesson 14 to the Meetup.

The format for the meeting seems to be working well. We gather @ La Fiesta - the wait staff has been very gracious in helping us practice our Spanish with them when we order food & drinks. We eat lunch, and then begin the lesson. The meetups have been taking just about 2 hours.