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1st Wednesday Multilingual Mingle!

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Bonjour, hola, namaste, salaam, konnichiwa, merhaba, ni hao, and hello!

When? First Wednesday of every month, 7pm

Where? We'll change the location from month to month, so if you have suggestions then please let us know!

Who? Anyone who wants to speak or practice another language.

Do you speak another language (or 10)? Do you want to learn or practice another language? Then come join us! You can expect to meet speakers of a variety of languages, and all are welcome.

This is a good opportunity to learn or practice a foreign language with others who are also learning or who are native speakers. It's also a good opportunity to meet a language partner to start a language exchange.

If you're interested in the group on couchsurfing, then sign up here (

Song of the week
When I'm not too lazy, I like to post a song from another culture. This one is from Dennis Stroughmatt, who sings an old French drinking song in Missouri French. Missouri French is a creole that is nearly extinct, spoken by only 30 people. Enjoy!