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[Taipei] 8 Languages Each Time! Wednesday Multilingual Café
★★★★★ Taipei Multilingual Café on Every Wednesday Night ★★★★★ Multilingual Café is a place where friends gather to practice and acquire new languages in an immersion environment. No specific language ability is required, and native speakers are available to chat and answer questions. Let’s drink a bit, relax a lot, speak some languages, and make awesome friends! For more information about this event, see our helpful FAQ ( ➤ Time : 19:00 – 21:00 Every Wednesday ➤ Venue : Café Vitus (維圖斯咖啡) ➤ Address : No. 11-1, Alley 8, Lane 303, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei (台北市松山區南京東路三段 303 巷 8 弄 11 號 1 樓) ➤ Languages : Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Thai, Vietnamese (native conversation table leaders available) ➤ Admission Fee : 250 NTD (includes a 100 NTD voucher) (no discount for late entry) ➤ Discount Rate : 20% off for 10 admission pack card (only 2000 NTD, good for Wednesday and Saturday, non-transferable) ※※※ RSVP on Meetup is NOT required. Average participant : 60. ※※※ Our website : Sicuanga Multilingual League Our group on Facebook The China Post : “Multilingual Cafe caters to Taiwanese learners” ★★★★★ 台北星期三多語言咖啡 ★★★★★ 多國語言習得活動網是多語達人 Terry Hsieh 創辦的團體,我們在各地舉辦多語言咖啡、沙龍、講座等愉快的語言交流活動。多語言咖啡最大特色在於營造一個沈浸式的語言文化環境,這裡每次都有不同語言桌,每一種語言桌一定會有母語人士陪大家聊天討論,幫大家學習。在這裡可以真的練習到語言又交到各國朋友! ➤ 時間:每週三 19:00 – 21:00 ➤ 地點:維圖斯咖啡 ➤ 地址:台北市松山區南京東路三段 303 巷 8 弄 11 號 1 樓 ➤ 語言種類:中、英、日、韓、法、德、泰、越 ➤ 參加費用:250 元 (附送 100 元餐飲抵用券) (遲到入場無折扣)。另有優惠卡購買 10 次只要 2000 元,限本人使用。 ※※※ 不需點選 RSVP 即可參加。每次平均參加人數約為 60 人。 ※※※ 多國語言習得活動網 臉書社團 媒體報導:《The China Post》Multilingual Cafe caters to Taiwanese learners

Café Vitus

105台北市松山區南京東路三段303巷8弄11號1樓 · Taipei

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Travelers, foreigners, locals, language lovers living in Taipei

Multilingual Cafe is a language exchange platform where participants can acquire any language in an immersion environment. No specific language ability is required. Let’s drink a bit, relax a lot, speak some languages and make awesome friends!

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大家好,我是多國語言團隊 的 Terry。



以日語為例,我們有非常豐富的"日語會話指導員陣”,讓大家可以體驗不同地區的日語和文化。每次視參加人數我們會請 1~4 位日籍成員領導日語桌。我們也有西語、法語、韓語等語言,也是用一樣方式進行喔!

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天下雜誌 自學25語[語言神人]自述:困難的不是語言、而是態度

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