What we're about

Polyhack is a general meetup for folks interested in software and technology. The goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere to meet people involved in tech, and to host short talks to spark conversations.

The format for Polyhack is to have 2-3 short (5-10 minute) tech talks every event, with lots of chats before, after and throughout the night.

We record all the talks, and they're online at http://talks.polyhack.ca/

Join us on slack! go to http://slack.polyhack.ca/ to sign up!

Want to speak? Let us know! Go to http://speak.polyhack.ca/ and fill out our little form.

Feedback is also really appreciated. http://feedback.polyhack.ca/

Core Ideas:
Iron sharpens iron. Community makes us all better
The craft of what we do transcends language, dogma, and technical philosophies
The talks lubricate the conversations that follow.
The central point of a meetup is to meet people
Everybody has a low-commitment 5 minute talk in them that others can grow from
Anybody that wants to do a talk should have an opportunity to
We do this because it's fun
If I'm going to bomb, at least I'll do it with friends and have fun while doing it!

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