Polyhack 25! A last hurrah at HBar

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Looking forward to seeing everybody out this month. Unfortunately Kate at HBar has decided to shutdown the place, so this will be our last time at the space. HBar has been a really cozy home for Polyhack over the years, and we'll miss it a whole ton. We wish Kate all the best on her next adventure. So long and thanks for all the fish :)

Yawar Amin (https://dev.to/yawaramin/): A web framework for native ReasonML/OCaml: https://github.com/yawaramin/re-web
Chris Grass (http://github.com/sea-grass/): Making resilient web apps using xstate (https://github.com/davidkpiano/xstate)

Our discussion slot will return once again, so definitely bring any ideas you think would be fun to dig into with the group. The feedback from doing this at the last Polyhack was pretty positive, and the idea behind it is super in line with our hand-wavy core goal of instigating really genuine technical discussions.

If you've got a sec, definitely let us know you're coming by RSVPing. It really helps us get a sense for numbers.

The format of the night is very casual, we usually try to kick things off before 7 to give everybody a chance to chat beforehand, and then there's lots of time afterwards and in between as well.


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