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London Poly Women's Group
This group is open all those who identify as a woman and those who have a non-binary gender identity and who have an interest in polyamory. That could mean transgender, genderqueer, ftm, mtf, transmen or any of the other identities which are not 'male' or 'female' in the traditional sense. Please note that this group is not a dating site, more somewhere it's members can meet other like minded individuals in a safe space and share questions or stories they may not feel comfortable raising in other situations. Generally we would discuss any variety of topics on the evening, not just those limited to the world of polyamory While this is a free event, I'd like to request that those attending the social make a voluntary donation of £1 to help cover the admin costs of

The Apple Tree

45 Mt Pleasant, WC1X 0AE · London

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The purpose of the group is to provide safe, social meetings for anyone who is interested in polyamory in all it's many forms. We provide an opportunity to meet poly people and find out more about polyamory, socialise with others who understand the concepts and discuss anything you want to really. Topics of discussion range from how we live poly lives to the weather and even sport. Polyamory is practised in many ways, from solo poly to married/attached people dating others, relationship anarchy and many other dynamics. Whether you are experienced in the poly life or just curious, come and hang out with us! This is NOT designed as a "cruising" or "picking up" event, so don't come expecting everyone to be looking for new partners. Do not send messages to other members unless you have met them at a meetup, and spoken substantially with them. If you receive unsolicited "let's meet" or other predatory messages from a member, please forward them to the admin team. We aim to be a safe space for everyone.

Our long standing Tuesday pub meetings now regularly attract well over 60 people. The pub is accessible for wheelchair users, not too noisy, not too expensive, serves food, is central ... we've really tried to make the venue as accessible as possible for most people. The pub we use for the Tuesday meetup does have a couple of steps at the entrance, there is a buzzer to inform pub staff if you need assistance or a ramp. If you need assistance and if you wish, you can let the group organisers know in advance and we'll make sure the pub staff are expecting you. Do come along if you are interested in meeting poly people, if you are poly yourself, or if you think you might be. We're a friendly lot and don't generally bite. :-)

Poly Coffee is a smaller group limited to 45 people, in a coffee shop which does not serve alcohol. It's aimed at us more experienced poly folk providing support for people starting out on their poly journeys, and the atmosphere is generally quieter than the pub and more focussed on discussing poly topics. There is always a "poly 101" session for newbies, and everyone has the opportunity to ask specific questions or request topics for discussion.

The Poly Women's group is a specific meetup for anyone who identifies as a woman and those who have a non-binary gender identity and who have an interest in polyamory. Generally a variety of topics are discussed, not just those related to polamory.

NOTE TO MEDIA PEOPLE OR RESEARCHERS: Our members often do not appreciate researchers asking questions at meet ups. I am not a spokesperson for polyamory and I do not appreciate the endless flow of requests for information. Please seek information online or from the Poly Media Association If you email me with questions about polyamory I am most likely to forward your request to someone from the PMA anyway. We also strongly recommend you read this guide to interviewing poly people - .

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