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This Self Help Group & Fellowship is for discussing Pornography "Addiction" and how to come out of it for Sobriety, Abstinence, Recovery and Good Life.

Please be advised that there isnt anything in reality called Porn Addiction. Its a loose term which is Non Clinical in nature as far as Psychiatry is concerned.

People watch Porn excessively due to many reasons most commonly Novelty Seeking Behaviour, Procrastination, Impulse Control Disorders (ADHD), OCD, Mood Issues Like Bipolar Disorder and Behavioural Addiction. Porn is also creatively superior but lightyears away from real sex. It is natural for men and women to fullfill there internal desires via porn which may not be possible in reality. Porn is a multibillion dollar industry which caters especially to married couples.


There are structured grids for Psychotherapy but it is advised that the therapy is personalised (Psychodynamic, Ecelectic Approach) rather than following a fixed grid and generally speaking also looking beyond diagnostic terms. In some cases it may just be about treating the disorder with medicines or therapy like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. In other cases the symptoms serve a different purpose and help the individual in avoiding other issues. In those cases if one doesnt look beyond, the symptoms will not respond to structured treatment or may be the Patient will start presenting with something else warranting change in diagnosis and treatment and something else will come up like a hide and seek process until this gets ingrained as a pattern with the Psychiatrist/Psychologist shopping due to therapy failures. This is because the root cause is unadressed. It doesnt mean that patient is malingering but the mind needs to conjure some kind of symptoms to avoid facing certain issues and hence holds on to illness models, in order to try and treat one,another will take its place. Its a form of resistance from the minds part , resistance to let go or change, in these cases just standard treatment is likely to fail(and may actually reinforce illness models) and one needs to be creative, long story short suggesting the same 'drill' for tom, dick and harry may not work.

You may choose not to join this group as we do not organise meetups due to sensitive nature of the topic. We only answer one on one mails on issues you are facing due to watching Pornography Excessively.

Please mail us for more information: pornoaddictindiaanonymous@gmail.com


Title: Sex & Human Loving

Author: Masters & Johnson

Publisher:Jaico Books

This comprehensive book makes accessible to lay readers scientific data and humane perspectives on topics ranging from anatomy and physiology to homosexuality, sex therapy, love, birth control, and gender roles. Outstanding are chapters on fantasy (with permission to keep it private), communication, coercive sex, and sexual satisfaction.

List of Mental Health Institutes are mentioned in the discussion board.

If you are Bangalore you can visit SERVICE FOR HEALTHY USE OF TECHNOLOGY(SHUT), NIMHANS Center For Well Being BTM Layout. They specialize in Behaviourial Addiction and Dependence on Porn, Smart Phones, Video Games, Online Social Media etc

Mindfullness Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn Google Talk

This speech on Mindfullness Meditation will assist you in coming out of Behaviourial Addiction to Porn. In reality there is nothing called Porn Addiction.


Reboot Blueprint is a very good website that speaks volumes about strategies related to Porn Deaddiction: http://rebootblueprint.com/getting-started/

Reboot & Rewire: http://rebootblueprint.com

Wikihow - Dealing With Porn Addiction: http://m.wikihow.com/Deal-With-Porn-Addiction

Wikihow - How To Avoid Pornography: http://m.wikihow.com/Avoid-Pornography

Porn & Marriage: http://www.adhdmarriage.com/content/9-reasons-porn-hurts

Terms & Conditions:
1.This is an anonymous group, we are not interested about your Name, Age,Sex,Religion,Address,Passport,Social Security Number,Bank Account,Personal Information(including Sexual Orientation).
2.We are not affiliated to any political organisations,religious groups etc.,this is an anonymous group that helps maintain sobriety from Porn through Fellowship of Men & Women.
3.We do not collect and store the information of members except their Meetup and Email IDs for communication purposes only for the meetings.
4.We do not call or mail members for Telemarketing offers.
5.This group shall not be used by members for collecting or paying money,fee,remuneration to each other.
6.This is a completely free group based on charitable causes and fellowship built on trust.
7.Members will not float Pyramid Marketing & Business Networking Schemes through this group.
8.Members will not collect personal details from fellow members including and not limited to Name, Telephone number, Email etc.
9.Members will not approach fellow members in Public Places, Facebook, Social Network as this is a completely anonymous group.
10.Members will not reveal indentity of the fellow members to people outside this group in the spirit of anonymous clause.
11.Members will address each other as friend,brother or sister and not by names as much as possible.
12.This group is not meant for Social Network.
13.This group is not an Adult Club,Dating Group etc.
14.Members will not record Videos, Audio or take Photographs of any fellow member or meetup.
15.Any breach of trust by any member may lead to legal and disciplinary actions.

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