• aggregate: meet, greet, learn, collaborate on Tuesday, August 18

    Please join us for the 33rd R aggRegate meetup, taking place on Zoom! We welcome current or aspiring R users who have any level of experience with the R programming language. Our goal is to exchange knowledge, learn new skills, help each other troubleshoot coding problems, and meet new fellow R users. No topic is off limits, and you may attend even if you don’t feel that you have anything to share. Come learn with us! Details: When: Tuesday August 18, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Where: The meeting will take place on Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to you when you RSVP. Agenda: • A demo on parallel computing in R using the "parallel", "doParallel", and "foreach" packages, presented by Brittany Barker. Make your computations faster! A link to an RStudio Cloud Project will be sent in a follow-up e-mail so that attendees can participate in the demo. • Brief intro/R project or problem: We'll take turns talking about an R project we're working on, a data/data-science problem, or something we want to learn, etc. • Next, anyone can share some code they've been working on and want help with / want feedback on. Make sure to have this ready before the meeting. • Before arriving, use the pdxrlang/aggregate GitHub repository to discuss ideas for things to work on at aggregate - https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues Please note that this event, like all PDX R events, adheres to the PDX R Code of Conduct: https://pdxrlang.com/code_of_conduct/ We are dedicated to a safe learning environment to all. If you have any trouble message me in the meetup app, or on Twitter at @pdxrlang