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useR 2017 Recap!


This meetup we'll have three speakers recap their favorite talks/software from userR 2017 in Belgium ( ).


Augustina Ragwitz ( IBM Data Science Advocate

Topic(s): Reproducible research/ teaching data science

Andrew Bray ( - Assistant Professor of Statistics, Reed College

Topic(s): I'll be talking about two packages: tidyeval, which helps you write your own programs using dplyr by creating syntax to transition between standard and non-standard evaluation; and shinysense, which makes it easy to bring smart phone sensor data into R for use in shiny apps.

Chester Ismay ( - Data Science Curriculum Lead, DataCamp

Topic(s): I’ll be briefly talking about the results of two lightning talks and also two full talks. The first lightning talk analyzed the state of naming conventions in R by scraping NAMESPACE and Rd files on CRAN. The second lightning talk was about the r2anki package, which uses spaced repetition learning to help you improve your vocabulaRy. From the full talks, I will be discussing the osmdata package allowing for OpenStreetMap data to be read into R. Additionally, the papr shiny web application designed to be tinder for pre-prints will be demonstrated.


Doors open after 6 - DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6 - we'll start about 630. Also, DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6. Repeat after me: DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6.

We'll have some drinks.

If you have any trouble message me in the meetup app, or on Twitter at @pdxrlang or @sckottie

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