rstudio::conf - Lightning talks from conference attendees

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Description: Most of us didn't go to rstudio::conf 2018 ( so we're having the PDX folks that did go talk to us about a talk they did or stuff they found interesting at the conference. Should be fun!

- Jessica Minnier - Assistant Prof Biostatistics at OHSU - - talk: "What They Forgot to Teach You About R" (see Jenny Bryan's workshop materials - slides ( )
- Evan Kaeding - Cooladata - - talk: "Plumber: Building REST APIs in R"
- John Smith - Learning Alliances - - talk: "Computing on R" ( ) - sildes (

We'll have more details on their talks later.


Doors open after 6 - DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6 - we'll start about 630. Also, DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6. Repeat after me: DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 6.

If you have any trouble message me in the meetup app, or on Twitter at @pdxrlang or @sckottie

Hashtag for PDX R meetups: #pdxrlang & the Twitter account to follow/tweet at is @pdxrlang We also use for a back-channel during MeetUps and in between. Invite yourself here: