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Socratic Seminar #11: SeedSigner

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Andrew C. and 2 others
Socratic Seminar #11: SeedSigner


The Socratic Seminar events are formatted to foster debate, information sharing, and lively discussion. Inspired by other Bitdevs around the country, this is an event for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols.

SeedSigner is an open-source project centered around a bitcoin signing device, commonly referred to as a hardware wallet. SeedSigner's software allows you to convert a few hardware items into a fully functioning bitcoin storage device.

The goal of SeedSigner is to offer people an alternative self-custody solution that lowers the cost and complexity of Bitcoin multi-signature wallet use. SeedSigner allows anyone to build a verifiably air-gapped, stateless Bitcoin signing device that helps users save with Bitcoin. The SeedSigner device assists with bitcoin security by providing a trustless private key generation and multi-signature wallet setup and helps users transact with Bitcoin via a secure, air-gapped QR-exchange signing model.

**Additional Details**

After BitDevs, we will be hanging out at the Lucky Labrador eating/drinking until they close at 9pm.

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Parking: there's only street parking (as far as I know) so make sure to get here early!

Questions: email me at

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Event will be indoors
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Portland Bitcoin Developers (BitDevs)
Portland Bitcoin Developers (BitDevs)
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