Porto Codes: An Introduction to Elm

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Every 2nd Thursday of the month

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Note: This month we'll be at Porto I/O Downtown!

# Agenda

## 19:00 Doors open

Come and hang out while we struggle with our A/V setup.

## 19:25 Opening remarks

Short introduction to the Porto Codes project.

## 19:30 An Introduction to Elm, by Décio Ferreira

Elm is a functional language for reliable webapps, with a very strong
emphasis on usability, performance, and robustness.

Elm compiles to JavaScript, and is most well known for:

- No runtime errors in practice. No null. No undefined is not a function.
- Friendly error messages that help you add features more quickly.
- Well-architected code that stays well-architected as your app grows.
- Automatically enforced semantic versioning for all Elm packages.

By the end of this talk I hope you will be able to create your own web
application in Elm, understand how it compares with other projects like
React as a tool for creating websites and web apps, but also understand the
core ideas and patterns that make Elm nice to use.

## 20:30 Dinner and ice cream

Join us for dinner, usually at Estambul Doner Kebap. Come rain or shine, we go for ice cream at Santini.

# Porto Codes

Porto Codes is a meetup for local and international programming enthusiasts.
The talks are recorded and published with the presenters' consent as one of our
goals is to provide programming resources to the community.

Reach us on Slack (https://invite.porto.codes) if you are interested in
presenting or chatting with us!