An Exploration on Using PostgreSQL Dates and Times in Applications

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We're hosting this meetup on short notice, but it's been awhile and we had a great topic and speaker come up, so why not?

PostgreSQL has robust date and time support, so robust that there are entire talks on this one! Join Erik Larsen as he discusses his explorations with PostgreSQL dates and times and how you best learn PostgreSQL dates and times in your applications!


When I was a new addition to the Codesmith team, my first task was to ensure that events created by our admins were stored at the correct time in our Postgres database. As it stood, once events were retrieved from the database, they were several hours off. Seemed like a pretty easy task -- just fix the time offset and be done with it. But as I started to dig deeper into the Postgres date-time docs and others' timezone implementations, my very conception of timezones themselves was challenged. Join me as we explore all of the ways that Postgres deals with dates, times, and timezones, and how best to implement date-times in your own database.


My bio: Erik Larsen is a software engineer and fellow at Codesmith LLC, a JavaScript residency for open source developers. He loves all things React, Redux, Node, and SQL, and he has a deep abiding passion for using SQL indexes as efficiently as possible. In his free time, Erik likes to read, hang out in parks, go to the movies, and think about trees (natural and binary), and he almost likes jogging.