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Secure PostgreSQL 11 Deployments


PostgreSQL 11 was released on October 18, 2018, which means everyone is currently in the process upgrading to the new major version (right? ;-)

Well, even if you're not immediately moving to PostgreSQL 11, you may be looking to deploy it into a production environment, and chances are, you probably have some security requirements as well.

Magnus Hagander, a longtime PostgreSQL Major Contributor, Core Team member, and past NYCPUG speaker, would like to share with us on how to securely deploy PostgreSQL and cover some of the new security features available in PostgreSQL 11 as well. Some topics will include:

• Securing the PostgreSQL infrastructure and runtime environment
• Securing the channel between client and server using SSL, including an overview of the threats and how to secure against them
• Understanding how to secure the login process

and more.

Join us on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 6:30pm at the offices of Goldman Sachs at 200 West St for another fun and informative NYCPUG event!

6:30pm - 6:50pm - Networking
6:50pm - 6:55pm - Introductions
6:55pm - 8:00pm - Main Event: Magnus Hagander, Secure PostgreSQL 11 Deployments

Instructions for Building Entry:

You must bring photo ID to enter 200 West Street. Please ensure your ID name matches registered your name as it appears on - If it does not, please provide your name as it appears on your ID to Jonathan Katz by Monday November 12.


Please enter 200 West Street, New York NY at the main entrance at the corner of Vesey and West Street. This is the entrance closest to the World Trade Center. Upon arrival, proceed to the security desk and present your photo ID. Attendee passes will be pre-printed for faster processing if you were not a late RSVP. Security can contact Bryan Doyle in case of any issues faced during this process.

Once you enter the lobby, proceed North to the “sky lobby” elevator bank. There are about 8 elevators and they all only stop at Floor 11. There will be signs directing you to this elevator bank. Once you exit the elevator bank, proceed up the spiral staircase to floor 12, which is the conference center (there is an elevator to this floor available as well). There will be an additional signage directing you to this prominent staircase. Once you are on the conference center floor (floor 12), please proceed only to Rooms 208-210. Pizza and Cold Soft Beverages will be served starting for networking at 6:30pm.
Goldman Sachs
200 West St · New York, NY
How to find us

Once you enter the lobby, proceed to the “sky lobby” elevator bank. Once you exit the elevator bank, proceed up the spiral staircase or take another set of elevators to floor 12. The meetup is in Rooms 208-210. Add'l details in description.

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