South Bay PostgreSQL Meetup


2nd South Bay PostgreSQL Meetup in 2016.

Christophe Pettus: PostgreSQL High Availability, 2016 Edition
Derek Nelson: PipelineDB: The Streaming-SQL Database

Lightning Talks:

We have 2 Lightning Talks (5 min or less). If you want to present your PostgreSQL (-related) project, please contact Andreas Scherbaum (Meetup Host).

PostgreSQL High Availability, 2016 Edition

No one wants PostgreSQL to fail, but failure is just a part of life. There are lots of ways of getting high availability out of PostgreSQL, and the landscape is always changing.

We'll discuss the current situation for practical, reliable high-availability in PostgreSQL, including newly-emerging tools.

PipelineDB: The Streaming-SQL Database

PipelineDB is an open-source streaming SQL database that runs queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing the results in tables. It is a fork of PostgreSQL. The product was born out of a need for such a product discovered while we were early engineers at AdRoll, where we built some of the largest-scale streaming analytics infrastructure around at that time. We were early adopters of technologies like Storm, Kafka, HBase, Cassandra etc., and we built great technology but it required mastery and integration with all of those systems, glued together with a lot of application code. It was complex. PipelineDB is built to solve this growing problem of streaming analytics in a way that is accessible to a broad range of developers who are proficient in SQL, without a need to manage an external datastore. It is a unified solution that is no more complex than a standard PostgreSQL deployment. Our expected audience is developers who are interested in leveraging their knowledge and familiarity with PostgreSQL to introduce a realtime, stream-processing capability to their respective organizations.

In our talk we will discuss:

• Why we decided to build PipelineDB

• Why we chose PostgreSQL as a foundation

• System architecture overview

• Implementation details and how our system fits into the PostgreSQL code base

• Demonstration of use cases using existing PostgreSQL client libraries, including how PipelineDB eliminates the need for ETL

Lightning Talks:

Elein Mustain: Database of Databases

Ozgun Erdogan: Session Analytics

Venkatesh Raghavan: Orca and PostgreSQL

Derek Nelson, PipelineDB Co-Founder and CEO

After serving in the Marines as a signals intelligence analyst and studying C.S. at UC Berkeley, Derek helped build and scale AdRoll's data infrastructure from a single PostgreSQL box to one of the largest realtime systems in ad tech. His work building realtime systems at AdRoll was the inspiration behind PipelineDB.