What we're about

POWERFUL WOMEN TODAY believes that by building a coalition of emerging women leaders around the globe, our impact helps the emerging force of women founders and leaders. Together we can help shape future generation of women as economic leaders.

Our strength is to BE AFFIRMATIVE AND ACTIONABLE not only BY EXPLAINING HOW but executing alongside to show women that all of this is not only possible but within their grasp.

We welcome women go-getters, entrepreneurs and leaders ready to activate their economic power and write a new history for women's place in the world.

We are a boutique accelerator for women's success. That means we meet women where they are, where their greatest need is at without judgement. Our focus is for women to feel free to begin achieving a life on purpose with fulfillment, empowerment and independence.

We are a social impact movement, a community of leaders, city chapters to champion women and communities, accelerators to help focus on a specific need, an academy with mentor experts, a broadcast network, a publishing house, a platform to raise women voices and much more.

Like the women in our movement leading multiple aspects of their lives, Powerful Women Today's mission and vision is to champion and empower women's emotional and financial independence in multiple areas of a woman's life.


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Goal Setting for Veteran Life

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