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PowerShell Prague Meetup is a new group that looks for people interested in PowerShell in Prague and the neighbouring cities. This goal of this group is to bring together PowerShell community to meet and talk about PowerShell.

We will organize occasional meetups with presentations and pizza, followed by going for a beer or two where anything can be discussed.

Languages spoken English / Czech

This group is supported by CN Group (https://www.cngroup.dk/) and is free of charge.

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PowerShell meetup: Getting started with Graph API and PowerShell

Let me invite you for PowerShell Meetup Prague. This time with our first abroad speaker Alexander Holmeset talking about Getting started with Graph API and PowerShell. Description 📃: Who said API’s are for programmers? Graph API is Microsoft’s new onestop endpoint for Microsoft 365 data. I will show you how to interact with it by using a automation tool you are already proficient with, PowerShell! What are the possibilities and why choose Graph API instead of a PowerShell module? Bio 🧔: Alexander Holmeset is an MVP and international speaker. He works as a Cloud Consultant at CloudWay and currently blogs at http://alexholmeset.blog. Alexander´s focus is everything Skype for Business, Teams, Office 365 and automation with PowerShell. His motto is: If you are going to do something more than once, then automate it. https://twitter.com/AlexHolmeset There will be 🍕 and you are welcome to join for 🍺🍺🍺 after.

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