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Experience events in the power of now with this group on Nonduality / Nondualism / Advaita / Advaita Vedanta, Oneness, Awareness, Consciousness, Self-Realization, Truth, and Enlightenment! Experience discourses, satsang, meditation, and self-inquiry.

"The purpose of this meetup group is to point people towards this clear, undivided, unified seeing of what is True for everybody and anybody. This is the place where you can discover freedom which is already actually yours, now. Experience a non-traditional way in which you are pointed and lead towards the familiar stateless state of yours which has been forgotten.

For all the people who are looking for the Truth, it will be revealed in the most simple way here; Absolute Truth: not partial, not by detail, but in its essence, as simple as it is. If you are searching and feel that whatever you find still leaves a gap of unknown, in here you will be able to know everything completely and absolutely out of your own intuitive knowing of who you really are."
- Rimvi (https://www.meetup.com/members/75901772/)

The Power Within (http://www.thepowerwith.in) brings to Philippines a group which emanates the teachings of gurus like Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Mooji, Gangaji, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lao Tzu, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Buddha.

We all know how important is to be around like minded people. And this group is a place where people with different ideas, perceptions and interests can come and share the presence without any fear. People here can be open and comfortable to be themselves and to find new connections wherein slowly a family starts growing. It is well known how fun it is to be around people who understand you, this group encourages people to connect with members and create friendships, which eventually naturally happens, due to attending meetings and sharing the same goals and interests. I welcome to come together and find a new community within your reach!


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End of The Beginning?
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Free: By Offering (Whatever your being is present to offer allows us to continue to grow and offer this space to more beings are ready..)


a space where thought has no place other than to experience its disgrace after all this is not a stupid rat race its time to be without fear and open your heart to ready and allow your being to observe deeply cause for your mind this could become creepy or just simply trippy.

sometimes truth can not be expressed sweetly so ahead of time i apologize for wasting your time SEEd has been planted before you managed to discern between your name and the fine line what you like to CALL a belief of and identity of I and mine...

You or Me born under the same tree we all want to be free.

and yet again dont listen to me if your mindset gives you more than tiny eternity that i have in me for it makes me happy so i keep going and allowing the flowing of the going sharing bullshit not the knowing.

GY Rimvi Ji (https://www.facebook.com/tp.within)


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What other people say?

I am sincerely grateful that i have attended one of Rimvi's meeting. I was looking for something i don't know (cause of my unwanted thoughts) and he made it clear to me in a simple way. Rimvi's approach is very welcoming. I didnt feel im left behind, unwanted or anything its just i know that i was able to connect with him the moment we talked together. It was really a delightful experience that since then i change how I see things. I perceive things with an open mind clearly witnessing what thoughts are and how it actually affects the mind. I learned that its better just to live the moment being free of thinking and to stop assuming thoughts which does not really exist. It is still a battle inside of me, but without his existence and words, I wont know how to gain true happiness.
To Rimvi, i will always be thankful to you man. you know that.
All the best! - Jayson

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