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This group is for all the women who are trying to find their way. Who want more out of life. Who want to live Epically and leave their mark in the world. This is for the women who know that there's something out there that's waiting for them.. be it better health, better nutrition, more energy, stronger self-confidence, more power, more money or new positive perspectives on life...


Do you have constant excuses to explain WHY you can't do what makes you happy? Are you struggling to find your way? Are you feeling unfulfilled, stressed with all of your responsibilities, and expectations? As women, we face particular challenges in growing old. We set our path and then society, family, spouses, and/or children have their way of creeping in and taking over. Often... this goes on for years without realising it. It isn't until a cataclysmic event happens (like losing our job, our spouse leaving us, or our children growing up) that we realise that we are not the people we set out to be.

I have good news!!! If you're reading this, then you've already taken the first step to improving your life! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Maybe your responsibilities overwhelm you. Maybe you realise that life has become serial routines you do without any deep fulfilment. Feeling unfulfilled is normal, but can often make us feel guilty and this guilt often triggers a vicious cycle of negative thinking and limited potential. Society has taught us that being a mom, a wife, and free to have a career should make us happy people... But they forgot to teach us how to manage it all without losing who we are in our core. If this sounds like you... or if you're looking to ensure you skip this type of "Mid-Life Crisis"... then this group is for you.


I am the Change Catalyst Coach. I focus on helping women find themselves and creating a fulfilling life of their choosing on their terms. I am a certified Nutritionist, NLP Practitioner, Stress Management Coach, Health & Wellness Coach and a few other things. I'm a Separated mom of 3 little girls with whom I have lived around the world following my, now, ex-husband's career. I'm an expert Re-Inventor of life and lifestyle. I have had 3 successful businesses in France and Spain and have just launched 2 other ones, here in Ireland. I used to live for the greater goal of my family - forgetting to prioritise myself in the mix.

I was lucky. I started my self-development career before my separation. So when it happened, I was mentally strong enough to handle it. But it still hurt like Hell and made me re-evaluate everything. Now, I live the life I always wanted... And I want to show you how easy it can be, for you.

I'm committed to helping women overcome the difficulties in their lives and teach them how to use moments of stress and loss, as weapons of mass achievement. I know, from experience what it takes to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get marching on your goals. I want to share my training and experience with women looking to change their lives for the better *FOREVER* ! Join me !
(You can check me out at: http://www.carlamjones.com or by googling my name on Youtube to find some videos and my Spanish Cooking TV Show).

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