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Practically AI - Discover How AI is Powering Technology Innovation


We are honored to have Visa host the Practically AI Meetup where some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence gather in Foster City to share how they implement AI in real world projects. Join us as we explore the future of AI and how to get there from here.

Each Speaker will have the opportunity to present their areas of knowledge and expertise regarding applications of Artificial & Augmented Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision & Expert Systems depending on their subject focus. You will get exposure to different methods experts, entrepreneurs and companies are using AI today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SPACE IS LIMITED - Sign up early. Please note this is a PAID event. Please RSVP on the page and click on the Eventbrite link below to complete the registration and payment. Thanks for your attention. Our host Visa requires everyone attending to register for security. Personal ID will be required onsite.

Event Date: August 24th (Thursday)

6:30pm to 9:15pm

Location: Visa Inc
801 Metro Center Blvd,
Building 4
Foster City, CA

Registration: Click Here To Register (

Tickets Prices:

Online: $15 + eventbrite fees (3rd Responder)

Cut off to register online is 2pm Aug 24th.

Onsite: $25 (Walk-ins on event date)

Registration cutoff time is Aug 24th @ 2pm.


Park at bldg. 4 overflow lot so they do not have call in to open the garage gate. See picture below for where the overflow lot is located. Entrance to the lot is Metro Center Blvd.


6:30pm - 7:00pm – Check In, Food, Networking

7:00pm – 9:00pm – Presentation, Q&A

9:00pm - 9:15pm – Closing


Talk Title: AI and IA – Artificial Intelligence and Internal Audit

Mr. John Steensen is a Sr. Director of Information Technology (IT) Audit at Visa. Mr. Steensen’s primary focus at Visa is on managing technology-centric audits providing assurance and validation of the control environment and ensuring adherence to corporate and industry standards. Mr. Steensen’s interest in machine learning and AI spans more than four decades. The first book on computer enhanced “intellectual processes” that he acquired was: Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines (Automatic Computation) by Marvin Lee Minsky in 1967 and he has fostered a deep interest in the subject ever since.

His current focus in this area is on verifying and auditing the correct operation of machine learning systems and on using machine learning to improve the audit function. Mr. Steensen is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA®) and is Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC™). He holds a BS degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix with a specialization in Technology Management. He is recognized as an audit profession thought leader and speaks by invitation at national and local audit professional conferences and forums. Mr. Steensen gives back to the audit profession by volunteering as a member of the Board of Directors for ISACA SF Chapter and by working as a voting member of ASTM’s E11 Committee on Statistics and Quality, which sets the world’s standards for sampling and quality control

Talk Title: Smart textbooks and the future of learning

Dr. Shiva Kintali is the Founder & CEO of TrueShelf, an "AI powered adaptive learning" EdTech startup based in San Jose. He taught in the Computer Science department of Princeton University for four years. He has over 17 years of (academic and industry, theoretical and practical) experience in algorithm design, complexity theory, machine learning, algorithmic game theory, natural language processing, information retrieval, high-performance computing and large-scale graph algorithms.

TrueShelf ( ) is an AI powered adaptive mathematics learning platform for middle school and high school students. Our platform adaptively generates unlimited number of mathematics problems and helps students learn mathematical concepts rigorously, prepare for competitive exams (like SAT, JEE) and get detailed feedback on their performance. Our AI engine identifies the students' strengths and weaknesses and guides them to improve their performance with step-by-step interactive solutions and bite-sized lessons.

Talk Title: How AI emotional tracking solves real business needs

Mr Hollis Nolan

is the founder of Insight Softmax Consulting, a San Francisco-based data science consulting group. He has a M.S. of Data Science from the University of New Haven and a background in audio signal analysis. Recent projects have included audio sentiment classification, recommendation engines, and customer churn prediction.

Artificial Intelligence also includes emotional intelligence. Automated tracking of emotion in text, speech, and video opens the door to a myriad of opportunities. From having a hard metric on customer happiness over time, to having breakdowns of happiness by customer group, to boosting the accuracy of churn models. Sentiment tracking can help identify which customers are most likely to leave, so that you can intervene (in the most cost effective way) before they do. In this talk we'll dive into how computers can learn emotion, and what that can do for your business.

Talk Title: AI in the Home

Mr. Richard Yimis Vice President, Products and Services at People Power Company, where he leads the creation and market success of the first AI, Smart Home security system, currently sold through larger service providers.

With more than 25-years as a technology industry executive, Richard is passionate about creating remarkable customer outcomes and thrives on helping enterprise customers transform for the digital age with disruptive B2B2C solutions and services.

As a product manager, he created some of the world’s most iconic and commercially successful software solutions and platforms for enterprises and consumers. Previously, as GM and VP of Products for IGT’s $450M systems division, his teams introduced the first cloud based, real-time loyalty management solutions for the world’s largest casinos. Prior, as VP solutions management at Ariba, Richard created the first SaaS procurement and business network solutions prior to acquisition by SAP. Earlier in his career, he led product management for Oracle’s database on Linux, Windows, and appliances growing annual revenues to over $800M, and designed Symantec’s first antivirus and security products for consumers.

Richard earned his bachelor degree in Decision Sciences from Indiana University and an MBA from Pepperdine University on a merit scholarship.

Every 10 years the world sees a massive shift in computing. Humanizing the internet of things (IoT) for the home requires a practical AI approach that when done right, will result in new ways to make our lives easier and safer. Richard will talk about design approaches for creating ‘trusted’ AI solutions that replace legacy tasks in the home.

Spending on the Internet of Things is estimated to reach $3 trillion by 2025, up from $750 billion just last year*. That only becomes possible with intelligent IoT solutions that scale predictably, securely, and profitably. This is where AI comes in, because if true, and the average home will have between 200 and 500 connected devices by 2020, we’re going to need smart automation that fits our unique needs and lives. A smart AI based security system can not only protect your home and loved ones, but also notify you if you forgot to close a window if it rains, if you’ve left the stove on and left the house, or unlock your door by recognizing your face, or use geofencing to activate your alarm and trigger device actions when you return home based on learned patterns. But with anything good comes great responsibility and a need to be sane about how to create and manage AI solutions.

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801 Metro Center Blvd - Building 4 · Foster City, CA