What we're about

This meetup is for people who want to PRACTICE the skill of sharing information in a public forum and people who want to learn new and different things. It is that simple.

-Do you have a big presentation coming up and could use a little practice? This is the meetup you need.
-Do you enjoy giving presentations, but don’t have the opportunities to do so? This is the meetup you want.

-Toastmasters; We don't have roadmaps for learning and our goal isn't to add letters at the end of our name. We just want to practice giving presentations.
-A meetup where you become the next Tony Robbins; There are many clubs and services geared for people who want to learn how to tell other people that they should hug their kids more often, or tell us what good leaders do. This isn't one of those clubs or services.

-Meetups are 1.5 hours long, featuring seven, 5-minute presentations (strictly timed) followed by five minutes of feedback.
-Once a meetup is announced, indicate your intention to practice in the comments of the event page. First come first served.
-Also write a couple of lines to explain your presentation.
-No "wam-bam-thank-you-ma'ams" - If you want to practice, you also have to be there to listen to the other people practicing. It just wouldn't be decent otherwise.

NOTE: You don't need to give a presentation in order to attend, either. If you simply want to listen, then by all means, don't let us stop you :-).

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