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In 1968, Czechs & Slovaks under soviet-dominated communist rule yearned for a say in the governance of their own country. A blossoming of political discourse in cafes and pubs led to demands for self rule in the capital. Unfortunately, the Prague Spring uprising was crushed with Soviet Tanks, but their spirit inspired our group's desire to exchange ideas on the domestic and international affairs.

Prague Spring was founded in 2003 in New York City. The group picks a topic, identifies articles or chooses a book and engages in a focused, in-depth discussion. Prague Spring’s strength comes from its members' diversity of ethnicity and careers as well as the spectrum of perspectives from conservative to liberal. Prague Spring welcomes anyone who can offer insight deeper than a TV sound bite, differ respectfully from their peers or simply enjoy an intelligent, informed debate.

Our meetings types include:

1. Topic Discussions: These meetings typically focus on a political issue currently dominating the news. We circulate articles and focus on the particular topic with a vigorous debate.

2. Book Club: Prague Spring chooses books dealing with major issues in international affairs, either those that have shaped civilizations in the past or the generational challenges we face today. (For more details see the About Us section)

3. Outside Events: Prague Spring identifies events sponsored by other organizations that we think may interest our members. Often we will socialize together at or after these events.

Prague Spring encourages you to participate and submit any ideas you may have to Lee, Prague Spring’s Founder and Organizer. We are encouraging members to become more involved and lead meetings themselves.

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