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( also called 'Meditation for Peace and Illumination')

The Twin Hearts Meditation was first introduced to the public by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (http://www.pranichealingontario.ca/the_founder.htm) in his book 'The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing' (1987). This Meditation is a powerful tool in helping to bring about world peace as well as healing and harmony.
All over the globe, on all continents, this meditation is practised daily, individually and in groups, irrespective of religion.

Benefits of the Twin Hearts Meditation

Practising the Meditation on Twin Hearts daily or regularly does not only bring spiritual benefits but it also enhances greatly one's physical and psychological well being - therefore one's whole life in general.
When doing this meditation, obstructive and diseased energies are removed, allowing the healing energies to fill your body, your life.
Clinical studies have proven its beneficial effect on depression, addiction, stress related disorders and others. It is very helpful in relieving chronic physical pain, stabilising high blood pressure, and strengthening the immune system.

When done regularly, people have a stronger body,they are more dynamic and their general intelligence and productivity is increased.

This meditation is a world service by blessing the Earth and your loved ones with loving-kindness.
These blessings can also be directed to organisations, specific countries, or group of nations; as well as towards individuals who are sick or are going through hard times. It can be addressed towards one's own life and endeavours too.

The potency of the blessings is increased many times when done by a group of people. A group of seven people meditating together is said to carry the same energy as more than one hundred individuals meditating separately. When practised by a large number of people, the Twin Hearts Meditation helps healing the earth by bringing peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity to all.

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