What we're about

Come develop a TV show with us!

Do you want to have FUN? This group is for people who enjoy writing, filming and performing comedy sketches.

No experience required … all you really need is heart, a brain that recognizes how silly the world is, the willingness to make an absolute fool of yourself, AND the understanding that this is comedy so leave your drama back at home.

What are the benefits, you ask? Laugh out loud! Make new friends! Stretch your acting chops! Write something and get others to make fools of themselves performing it! Become the next Gilda Radner or Robin Williams! Come drop twenty dollar bills on the floor for the rest of us to pick up! Learn to speak and move confidently in front of people, even if they are armed! Make connections to get into local films and tv! Fight your addiction to exclamation points!!!

No observers (i.e. "wall flowers" or "guests") are allowed. If you come to a meeting, expect to contribute, or else … well, you don't want to know what would happen; it's not pretty.

This group is limited to 50 members, and membership will be continuously culled to ACTIVE members, which means if you miss 2 meetings, or if we don't see you reeeeeeally trying to participate, then a giant sea slug will devour you whole. Don't get slugged! If it happens, don't cry, don't whine, don't pout; feel free to join again if and when there is an empty slot … with the understanding that you will need to bring 7 1/2 donuts with you to the next meeting - glazed blueberry, preferably, although a box of chocolate donut holes is an acceptable alternative.

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Sketch Comedy Meetup

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