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“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment.” – Ansel Adams

Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out on your own!

Landscape photography — capturing the beauty of our surroundings is what drew many of us into photography initially. It, as Adams observes, is an incredibly difficult challenge. Making exceptional landscape images takes skill, patience and forethought.

During this class we will explore the craft of landscape photography by looking at historically significant images, picking them apart to understand how they were made and shooting in the real world. We will talk about the technical aspects of landscape photography; what equipment is required, what equipment helps, how to make a proper exposure and how to post process landscape images. Most importantly, we will talk about time, location, light and weather. Like Adams said, “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.”

After the classroom portion, we’ll head to Colorado Bend State Park to implement what we’ve learned with some hands on landscape photography.

Concepts Covered

• Great Landscape Photography - Looking at images and understanding how they were made
• Technical Aspects of Landscape Photography - equipment & settings
• Knowing Where to Stand - time, location, light & weather
• Using it all in the real world
• Real World Practice

Required Equipment

• Camera and Lens
• Tripod (Optional)
• Cable Release (Optional)
• Circular Polarizer (Optional)

The class will cross a stream and depending on water level, students may need to walk through shallow water. Please wear appropriate shoes for trails (i.e. not paved). Students should also bring water, bug spray and sun screen.


This is an intermediate level class. The instructor will cover basic technical concepts including things like metering and the exposure triangle as they apply to landscape photography, but will also delve into what makes great landscape images “tick.” The class will look at why they work including discussions of light quality, compositional elements, weather and time.

Schedule and Format

The class will begin at Precision Camera. After completing the classroom portion, we will drive to Colorado Bend State Park, about 90 minutes away, where we will spend the rest of the afternoon until sunset applying what we learned in the classroom with the help of the instructor.

Each student is responsible for their own transportation between Precision Camera and Colorado Bend State Park and their admission to the state park ($5 cash/check or free with a Texas State Park Pass).

The practical part of this class will involve some hiking. Students can hike as far a they like (beyond what the class does), but the class will primarily work in an area requiring about a 1 mile easy hike round trip.

About the Instructor

Andrew is a self taught photographer who comes from a software engineering background. On his very first trip with a camera he discovered night photography, and like many photographers he has always been drawn to the beauty of the outdoors. He developed his landscape and night photography skills through trial and error in various environments from the sprawling stark beauty of west Texas to bright urban settings around Washington DC and Austin. When not making landscape, nature and night time images, Andrew is shooting for AzulOx Visuals making a variety of images from weddings, to architecture and everything in between. Andrew loves solving problems but more than that, he loves sharing his knowledge with others, helping them grow.

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