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Brian Madigan LL.B.

Practiced law in Canada for more than 25 years, over 1,000 court appearances, published over 1,200 articles on Canadian Real Estate

•Appears in court as a Canadian Real Estate Expert

•Over 5,000 Canadian Real Estate transactions

•Speaker, Canadian Bar Association; Lecturer, Law Society of Upper Canada; Instructor Bar Admission Course (http://www.worldwealthbuilders.com/live)and Professional Real Estate Investors Group(PREIG) Canada. (http://www.preigcanada.com/membership)

Navtaj Chandhoke

He has become a go-to person for national Real Estate magazines, television and radio whenever the discussion of investing in real estate creatively.

Navtaj continues to share his strategies through the Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada.

Navtaj’s entertaining; humor and informative presentations have been attended by thousands of real estate investors across Canada. His secrets, strategies have been developed and refined yearly for the last 30 years and are based solely on proven Canadian strategies that work in today’s market.

Canadian Real Estate investor since 1981, author, master trainer & key note speaker

Founder: Canada’s largest REI Club preigCanada.com over 17,000+ Canadian real estate investors/members

Coaching and training investors since 1993

Commended by RCMP & various organizations

Guest Speaker at University of Toronto

So grab this opportunity and attend upcoming event.

Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada, members have focused their hearts and minds on investing in real estate. Gathering together a special fraternity of like-minded real estate professionals - those considered among serious investors.


This conclave finds its membership from many of the leading real estate organizations and well beyond.

Network +Education+ Action + Mentor/Coach = Net worth Growth

You'll be joining those committed to the profession to advancing the knowledge base and professional skills of those who are destined to be extremely successful investing in Canadian real estate.

​To your infinite success !

Navtaj Chandhoke

Cash Buyer | Hard Money | Master Coach/trainer | Angel Investor |

http://www.Flipping4Profit.ca | www.preigCanada.com

1-416-409-7300 call/text

Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors 1993

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Masterclass Canadian real estate investing, wholesaling & Flipping for PROFIT

Masterclass Canadian real estate investing, wholesaling &Flipping for PROFIT

The Only Hands On, Roll-up Your Sleeves, Let's-Get-To-Work, Here Is How You Do It, Begin-Making- More-Money-By-Time-you finish the Real Estate Millionaire Secret Seminar.

Canadian real estate investment experts giving away Canada's Real Estate's top wealth building incredible million dollars secrets, techniques and strategies.

You will learn:
Top 20 strategies to find deeply discounted properties which are not on MLS or listed with a realtor.
Hidden PROFITS in Canadian foreclosures and Power of sales
Top 5 secrets of mindset of Canadian real estate billionaires
How top 5 Canadian billionaire's buying real estate strategies
Top 10 strategies to evaluate any property in seconds
Top 10 must due diligence steps to avoid a mistake which can cost you arm and leg

Canadian private hard money lenders (Asset based lending)
Forgivable Canadian down payment grants
How to buy Canadian real estate from 25-75% below its current market value.
How to fix and flip for profit as seen on TV
Virtual wholesaling for instant profit with no money
100% full disclosures

Proven system to make instant PROFIT by virtual wholesaling Canadian real estate

When & how to buy at deeply discounted prices for instant profits for investing, wholesaling and buying for rental income.

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We have been training Canadian Real Estate investors since 1993.

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Mastermind Canadian real estate investors networking meeting LIVE online

Mastermind Canadian real estate investors networking meeting LIVE online

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada membership may assist you in achieving outstanding investing goals. It's a safe environment to learn from experts, you'll find cooperation and synergy. Real Estate network meetings can quickly become a mastermind session full of new topics and ideas.

Meet our Canadian Real Estate Experts/Speakers for Mastermind Networking meetings

Gerry J. Hogenhout CPA, CGA, CFP, AMP
One and the only Canadian to be licensed in all five of the different and separate regulated investment

Rory Sheehan is a Best Selling Author,
A five times winner of the Readers’ Choice Award as “Trainer of the Year”.

Randi Goodman is a Real Estate Broker/expert
9x #1 Int’l Best-Selling Author, International Speaker

David Grossman MBA, Mortgage Broker

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker Real Estate Educator, Consultant, Expert Witness,

Navtaj Chandhoke
Canadian Real Estate Angel Investor | Coach | Author | Speaker | storyteller |
#preigCanada #Flipping4Profit

Jeff Levy HBSc, MBA, CFA, AMP, JD Real Estate lawyers

Meet beginning investors who are looking for ready made deals.
Wholesaling or flipping to other investors are very common.

Expert investors offering advice and ways to invest wisely.
And highly diverse investors offering financing deals.
It's here that you'll find joint venture (JV) partners who
will team up with you for a piece of the action (profits).

Looking forward to see you!

Pam Kaur

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