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This group is for learning and practicing real self defense, for real life. I created this group for anyone interested in learning basic, practical self defense moves for street harassment, creeps at the office, and being alone on the street or subway at night.

I am the founder of the Pretty Deadly Program, and I have literally been through everything: from living on the streets of New York to survival sex work to literally fighting for my life. I discovered martial arts after that last one 20 years ago, and it has completely turned my life around. After receiving my instructor's license, I created Pretty Deadly because I wanted to share the most important tools I learned with other women, but boiled down to their essence and made easily accessible... because I've also learned that not everyone wants to spend a lifetime being a martial arts nut like me ;)

I've been teaching Pretty Deadly for 10 years, and I've gotten to watch people take the program... and then take that leap in life they were too afraid to take before, with newfound confidence and a profound trust in the power they have within themselves to face any situation, knowing they can take care of themselves, no matter how challenging things get. That is strength, and the real power of Pretty Deadly.

We're a growing community of empowered women, and there is ALWAYS room for one more :) We hope it's you!

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