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Creator Write Club London

Creator Write Club London

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Creator Write Club in London Coworking Spaces.

"Be a creator, not a consumer."

Since 2009 our creator meetups have inspired people like you to become podcasters, bloggers, and artists.

Many then build products, services and online stores.

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Creator Write Club London

Creator Write Club London


Who we are

In our experience, small groups of people meeting informally to work together and talk about their work is where the magic happens.

We've been meeting in London's indie coworking spaces since 2008.

Every week, creators, authors, freelancers, academics, YouTubers, comedians, parents, marketers, bloggers, developers, event managers, journalists, activists, musicians, poets, lawyers, sailors and other independent self-starters meet to support each other.

We welcome beginners and long-term pros - don't be shy!

You don't need to be a coworking space member to participate; we are all about connecting people.

Head to for more on London coworking.

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