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Samadhi Retreats & Meditation

Samadhi Retreats & Meditation

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Samadhi Retreats & Meditation

Samadhi Retreats & Meditation


Who we are

Welcome to Samadhi! We aim to introduce people to meditation and mindfulness, and to help them integrate these practices into their daily life.

We engage in meditations from the Buddhist and other contemplative traditions. Drawing on the practical experience of meditation, psychology, and Buddhist wisdom, we look at insights, teachings and new ways of thinking which help us unwind, relax, let go of things like stress and anxiety, and cultivate positive minds such as patience, compassion, and equanimity.

With a regular meditation practice, you will gain greater peace of mind and discover a more positive approach to life, and improved levels of emotional and mental health. Meditation has numerous benefits for the health of body and mind, is easy to do, and something everyone can learn.

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