What we're about

This group strictly consist of founders and product people who are involved in creating in a actual product start up. We are of the opinion that one has to build a product to be able to learn and help each other. We will hold meetups at Bangalore dealing with product discussion and how can we help each other and take our products to the next level thru innovative partnerships and collaboration. Also, Organizer (Rajan) designed, built and launched 3 different internet products with 1000s monthly active users each... and lost over INR 50 Lacs of personal savings in the process. His perspective will be useful.

Why we need product start-ups meetup in Bangalore?

We feel that there is a lot of innovation happening in Bangalore. There are a number of meet up groups focused around start up community and they all are great. The real problem is that the discussion on most start-up groups is focused around administrative issues like legal/taxation/founding. We want to build a group where discussions are focused around products and collaboration possibilities between these start ups. The best way to do this is to get product startup founders involved. If the discussion is clearly focused around products and possibilities, we could build a product based ecosystem faster in India.

Why we discourage service-based start ups to join the group?

We discourage service-based start-ups to be part of the group to keep focus on products because service-based start-ups have a large number of sales possibilities like SEO/Marketing/Development/Consulting etc. We want to keep the discussion focused around building actual products. Apologies for the decline.

Why do we ban sales people?

There is nothing against Sales people. Even this group's founder has been a sales person in his career. Even though, he ended up writing more code and also understand a bit of business. We want this group to be focused around products. Sales people are great at people and generating revenue but not the right candidates for discussion around products in this group's settings. Apologies.

A few more points...

Please don't apply to join the group if you are in stealth mode and not willing to talk about your product. This is because other people in the group might be open and willing to talk about their product.
Your product need not be a software product used by individuals. It can be product being exposed as a service (e.g. classmint is a product exposed as a service).
We aim to limit discussions to products that means product design, development and marketing. Only product related conversations.
Please do not apply to join if you are a sales person or IT services company with no flagship product or product-exposed-as-a-service. We will have to decline them.

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