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Hello online marketers and product owners! Meet up with fellow practitioners of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula.

Did you know that there is a NEW VERSION OF PLF? IT's called Product Launch Formula 4.0

Internet marketers know the legendary power of the Product Launch Formula. It's responsible for over $100 million worth of product launches in a wide range of niches. Practically every major online product launch is powered by it.

Whether you are a product owner or online marketer, no matter what market niche you are targeting, join the group and get the most out of Jeff Walker's online product launch techniques. We're looking to foster a real sense of community and help out with advice about each other's launches.

This meetup group is now managed by Devon Joseph, an experienced Product Launch formula owner. Originally founded by Hubert Lee, a Jeff Walker trained Product Launch Manager and member of Jeff Walker's exclusive Platinum coaching group. Hubert received intense personal training from Jeff Walker and his group of "Marketing Gods" (including Frank Kern and Eben Pagan). Hubert continues to receive coaching directly from Jeff Walker.

Hubert has started this Product Launch Formula meetup group with a clear sense of abundance. Under the leadership of Mr. Devon Joseph, we are looking to share knowledge and passion for online product launch management, strategy and techniques. He'll catch you up with what's been going on in the world of Jeff Walker and the Product Launch Formula.

Here's a link to catch up with what Jeff Walker is up. He has a great video of how Product Launch Formula powered the recent multi-million dollar "Big Guru Launches" :

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