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PWN is a great “women connecting with other women” business networking group. We develop relationships and help each other grow our businesses. PWN is category exclusive and seeks like-minded ladies who wish to expand their reach into the South County community.

We run a fun & empowering meeting and we understand the tremendous value of a personal referral.

Who can join us: Wedding Coordinator, Caterer, Event Planner, Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist, Fitness Trainer, Personal Banker, CPA, Bookkeeper, Internet Marketeer, Dentist, Plumber, Home Repair, Electrician, Elder Care, Psychotherapist, Painter, Realtor, Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Reverse Mortgage Broker, Property, Living Trusts, Women’s Clothing, Physical Wellness, Food Supplements, Home Organizer, Interior Designer, Window Dressing, Home Staging, Attorneys...

There is an annual membership fee and weekly meal purchase is required.

Our meetings are weekly: Tuesday @ 7:45am to 9:00AM at Mimi's Cafe, 22651 Lake Forest Dr, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Please come and check us out! All are very welcome ! Visitors may attend twice before deciding to submit an application for membership. Always contact us here on Meet Up to determine if your category is available. We look forward to either hearing from you online or greeting you at one of our meetings !

Email: professionalwomennetworking@gmail.com

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Michelle Waffle interviews Dr Dubois with Juice Plus!

Michelle Waffle with Juice Plus will be interviewing a very special guest speaker, Dr. Richard Dubois. Doctor Dubois was the chief of Internal Medicine and chief of staff at Georgia Baptist hospital. He was also the founder and long term president of the Infectious Disease Society of Georgia. Currently Dr. Dubois is one of the top Physicians with the Juice Plus Company and oversees all of the Clinical Research conducted on our amazing whole food, Juice Plus Dr. Dubois will be sharing with us the importance of good nutrition, optimal wellness, and eating Juice Plus to bridge the nutritional gap in our diets.

Blood type and Virus connection with Florence Lefranc

Online event

Florence Lefranc is a Certified Medicinal Herbalist, Nutrition Therapist and Ortho Molecular Specialist. She will be explaining what viruses are and how they affect the human body, and what natural remedies are beneficial to fight a viral infection. Today's presentation will address the question between your blood type and your risk of getting sick when infected with the flu virus. www.florencelefranc.com www.terrazure.com

Accounting and Taxes with Janet Bruno!

Online event

Janet Bruno has been providing bookkeeping and accounting services since she was 20 years old. She learned accounting the old-fashion way, by hand with journals and ledgers, then transitioned to accounting software starting with In-House Accountant - the company Intuit eventually bought when QuickBooks emerged. Janet’s employers and clients include Restaurant Chains, Board of Realtors, Household Product Manufactures, Research Service, CPA and Tax Preparer, Non-Profit Organizations, Commercial Plumbing, Home Improvement, Private Investigator, Real Estate Agents, Escrow, Retail Shop and more. Janet has a history of providing accounting oversight, financial report/statement preparation, account reconciliation and tax authority reporting with an emphasis on process auditing, project management and training. Janet possess a high level of conscientiousness, efficiency, integrity, persistence, organization, warmth and a strong work ethic. Janet L. Bruno MethodXcal Consulting QuickBooks Support, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Record Keepping and Individual Tax Preparation [masked] (949)[masked]

Closed meeting, members only!

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Closed meeting, members only!

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VIP Jewelry with Judy and Premier Jewelry!

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