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Hello, Orlando Developers!

Orlando is seeking to be known as the next tech hub city. The amount of available development work continues to grow daily, and with it, the need for strong junior developers. However, there exist potential gaps in connecting talent with opportunity. All new developers face the daunting task of gaining the experience needed to secure that first job, promotion, or start their own business.

This group is designed to help self-taught students, alumni of Boot Camp programs, and CS graduates network and grow as developers. The goal is to share valuable information and collaborate on projects in order to grow everyone’s careers together. We want to not only provide opportunities to learn more about the languages, frameworks, and practices that are crucial to the development world, but also allow members to collaborate and emulate the larger teams they may find in the workforce.

Because it is not only the code that makes things work, but the creativity of the people who use it. Join Project Code Experience and let’s band together as developers to leverage the awesome talent and creativity this group has to offer.

Join our slack channel and ask us questions! Click here for an invite (https://join.slack.com/t/projectcodexhq/shared_invite/enQtNDExMjM2NzQwNTgwLTE4ODkyNDNjOWIwMDAyYzdhMGY5NmViYTM1YzcyMGYwYjg3OWJiNGRlY2UxYzVhN2ZjYTY0ZDcyNWU0ZjFlYjI)

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Open Source Re-Launch

Capco Services

Project Codex is starting the year out right by doubling down on open source! I've been asking around my office at Capco, and a lot of my team is interested in working on an open source project. On Monday Jan 28th we're going to get together and decide what we want to build. We think that this would not only be a great opportunity to collaborate and interact with other devs in the community, but also help get junior devs out there coding and contributing to a codebase. So if you're interested in building something with us, come out and tell us what you want to work on!

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The Docker talk before Christmas


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