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Slackline. Harder then walking home drunk, but a hell of a lot more relaxing! If you haven't tried it before, come on down and we'll show you the ropes. If you have, we've got higher lines and 25-30M for a bit more challenge. This is an addictive sport and you're gonna want your own line sooner or later.


Namedrop "PXT" when ordering a Gibbon line from to get a 5% discount!


Namedrop "projectx" when ordering a Pure line from to get a 5% discount!

SLACKLINING 走扁帶 / 走软绳 / 走绳

Slacklining is a practice in balance that uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points. The line is dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline, allowing for impressive tricks and stunts. More info:

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To join, please RSVP and Respect the Attendee/Wait Lists. Due to limited gear, headcount is limited. Slackline Providers: your RSVP is guaranteed :-) Thanks for sharing and enabling others to enjoy! If you are looking for a reasonably-priced slackline,


Signed PXT Waiver (required once):

Slacklines OR HKD20 Your HKD20 will initially go towards the cost of a few general use slacklines. Afterwards, it will be donated to (

Your Smile & RespectNot just for fellow slackers, but also, for the public and guards. As slacklining is relatively unknown in Hong Kong, the public and guards may be wary of the sport. As long as we slackline safely with spotters and take into consideration the people with whom we share public space with and leave it in excellent condition, we may continue to slackline undisturbed.

The slackline area is sheltered from rain and well-lit at night.

To participate in this event, you must understand and accept the following; there are inherent risks to everything in life. We all assume and take daily doses of calculated risks. The events we run at Project X are to be regarded the same way. Project X Team Event Organizers are unpaid volunteers who run events out of goodwill, and in the purest spirit of fellowship and friendship. While Event Organizers are trained, given the tools and support to run fastidiously safe events, you must assume and accept the “risks” involved through your participation in this event. Without this fundamental understanding between you and Event Organizers, Project X Team will cease to function as the largest, most active volunteer-powered not-for-profit extreme activities group in Hong Kong.
I am participating in an event organized by Project X Team (the “Group”), a non-official social group of friends and acquaintances connected through Facebook and Meet-Up. The Group organizes various activities which I participate out of my own free will. As a member of the Group I agree to abide by the rules of the Group and to follow legitimate instructions of an Officer of the Group. When participating in the Group’s activities, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Group, failing which my participation may be denied. As a participant, I acknowledge and fully understand the inherent risks and dangers associated with the said activities, which I accept completely and voluntarily. Neither the Group nor her officers or helpers will be held liable for any death, bodily injuries, property damage or any other loss or suffering sustained by me due to any cause whatsoever. If I have health concerns and medical conditions, I agree to consult a doctor and to inform an officer of the Group before participating in the Group’s activities. I am also aware that I am responsible for taking out my own insurance to cover risks and dangers associated with the activities. By RSVPing on this event, I confirm my participation in the activity, and it signifies and confirms my voluntary acceptance of the above terms and conditions.