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This meetup is designed to be an informal get-together where trusted members (i.e. friends!) can meet fellow property people and share real-life examples of what's working ... and what's NOT working for them in a relaxed environment of food and drink ... and without selling training courses!

We meet for nosh and booze once a month and also join each other visiting properties that are in various stages of being bought, sold, rented, developed etc ... so we can all share and learn.

It's ...

I 1 Not for profit. It’s a club. To learn and help each other!
2 All attendees need to offer something of value to the group : experience, capital, skills or at the very least a true desire to help other members and be interested in property in some capacity.
4 Open-Source. People can discuss concerns, ideas, what’s working and – just as importantly – what’s NOT working. And who the good people are ... and who the dodgy ones are.
5 Opportunity for reviews and feedback. Any joint-ventures that are held by members to be conducted in a spirit of cooperation and integrity.
6 Fun! If nothing else, there’s food. And booze :-)

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