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What we’re about

This will be a book club for those interested in the psychospiritual use of psychedelics for looking inward. Since ancient times, Esoteric belief systems have understood the value of temporarily transcending Ego consciousness and the subsequent taking inventory of the contents of our minds. This can be brought about in a number of ways, including meditation, fasting, breathwork, yoga, etc. Psychedelics are also available to help us clear our fundamental worldview of the illusions that entrap us in an unfulfilling human existence, expand consciousness and open the paths to emotional balance and wholeness.

The founder of this book club, Ileana, has amassed quite a few books on psychedelic science, history, anthropology, and literature—including staples to any proper psychedelic library, such as works by Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann, Terence McKenna, Ralph Metzner—and there are many more.

In an effort to grow the community of psychedelic seekers and students, Illeana proposed a "Psychedelic Book Club" in which participants read the same book for the same period of time and meet to discuss the passages, extrapolate meaning, bring up insights, share personal experiences, and enrich our learning together in a salon-style Meetup. The goal is to support each other in our personal development work, as we collectively put the pieces together of this reality through our existential self-realization and dissolution of the psychospiritual obstacles we impose upon ourselves. Her personal mission on this planet is to aid all humans in finding truth, cultivating love, and living in freedom!

Whether you're newly curious about psychedelics and want to dive into the foundational works on the topic, or you've been studying psychedelics already and want to join in on a scholarly discussion with peers to enrich your knowledge and understanding, or you're a veteran psychonaut and just want to connect with others and make new friends interested in this subject, this is the place for all of us to come together and help take each other to the next level, wherever we currently are on our respective journeys.

We look forward to seeing who finds their way to this MeetUp group and shows up! :-)