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What we’re about

Psychedelic Club is a network of chapters dedicated to increasing mainstream acceptance of psychedelics. Founded on the idea of cognitive liberty, we believe a personal interest in psychedelics is legitimate, healthy, and socially acceptable. 

We facilitate societal change and fight stigma on the grassroots level by organizing above ground, welcoming everyone, and sharing honestly. A red pen to the cultural narrative, public, and non-exclusive, Psychedelic Club provides an accessible way to directly participate in the psychedelic renaissance.


To increase mainstream cultural awareness and acceptance of psychedelics.

We are here to promote open and honest psychedelic expression and reduce the stigma, shame, and fear associated with such expression.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The discussion of psychedelic substances is protected under the First Amendment. The Psychedelic Club of Pittsburgh Meetup Group does NOT engage in nor promote ANY illegal activities. Please DO NOT join this group to procure or attempt to procure illegal substances. Any individual who attempts to solicit illicit substances will be asked to leave, and permanently barred from attending future events. This includes discussions around how to obtain illegal substances, accessing drug marketplaces (such as the dark-web), and cultivating natural-source psychedelics. This type of behavior at meet-ups threatens our ability to speak freely on the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

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