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Psychedelic Club of San Antonio,TX is a non profit organization. The objective of the Club is to provide education regarding the truth about psychedelics and nonjudgmental support for people to integrate their psychedelic experiences.
Psychedelic Club neither condones nor condemns the use of psychedelics, but intends to raise objective awareness about how psychedelics can be used therapeutically and in fields such as public and mental health, academia, science, spirituality, and harm reduction.

Come to a meeting to meet the local psychedelic community!

Psychedelic Club is a network of chapters, nationwide, dedicated to increasing mainstream acceptance of psychedelics and creating meaningful community connections. Founded on the idea of cognitive liberty, we believe a personal interest in psychedelics is legitimate, healthy, and socially acceptable.

We facilitate societal change and fight stigma on the grassroots level by organizing above ground, welcoming everyone, and sharing honestly. Decentralized, peer-to-peer, and bottom-up, Psychedelic Club provides an accessible way to directly participate in the psychedelic revival and find belonging.


To increase mainstream cultural awareness and acceptance of psychedelics.

We are here to promote open and honest psychedelic expression and reduce the stigma, shame, and fear associated with such expression.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The discussion of psychedelic substances is protected under the First Amendment. Psychedelic Club and Chapters of Psychedelic Club does NOT engage in nor promote ANY illegal activities. Please DO NOT join this group to procure or attempt to procure illegal substances. Any individual who attempts to solicit illicit substances will be asked to leave, and permanently barred from attending future events. This includes discussions around how to obtain illegal substances, accessing drug marketplaces (such as the dark-web), and cultivating natural-source psychedelics. This type of behavior at meet-ups or any social media platforms that represent Psychedelic Club, threatens our ability to speak freely on the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

Membership Rules:

In order to keep our club running smoothly and to keep our members safe, we have a few very important rules for our members to follow:

•  No sourcing or selling substances within the club! This includes on the any media server that represents Psychedelic Club and at official club events.

•  Do not identify people with whom you have had experiences involving illicit and/or psychoactive substances.

•  No participating in exceptionalism. Do not put down other substances, substance users, or usage patterns.

•  Accept others' interest in psychedelics, i.e. scientific, spiritual, recreational, medicinal, etc. You may of course be inquisitive and have constructive disagreements, but no insults or disrespect.

•  Respect all members regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender (including pronouns), beliefs, socioeconomic standing, etc etc. We are a supportive and safe space.

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Psychedelic Club of San Antonio Meeting

The Jewel at 1102

Psychedelic Awareness, Responsibility, Shared Experiences, Safety and Community Building

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Psychedelic Club of San Antonio Meeting

The Jewel at 1102

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