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What we’re about

Cascadia Psychedelic is a community of radical psychonauts in the Cascadia bioregion.
We curate and host educational, connective, and creative events.

We are fearless empiricists, autodidacts, spiritual nihilists, scientists, artists, healers, life-long freaks, rogue psychiatrists, and critical thinkers. We aim to provide an authentic alternative to the capitalist, entrepreneurial, extractory invasion of our psychedelic spaces.

We support reciprocity for indigenous land and people, consciousness expansion, uplifting diverse voices, individual agency, cognitive liberty, ending the war on (people who use some) drugs, and abiding in our own spirituality and meaning-making.
We participate in activism and policy change.

We are well-rooted in local, regional, national, and global psychedelic communities, and are proudly networked with and supported by Psychedelic Societies and Collectives. 
We seek to engage in intelligent and loving cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary conversations, prioritizing and centering those who are least often centered. Our community and organizers welcome people of all backgrounds, genders, age, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexuality, financial means, and education.

We are actively anti racist, anti spiritual bypass, anti conspiracy, and anti oppression. This is the radical Psychedelic Society. This is the Society for change making, from the intimate to the socio-cultural.

Please let us know if there is any way we can accommodate you if you have any accessibility needs or preferences.
Send us your feedback here!

Important Reminders:
*Do not join this group to find or provide illegal substances or connections. 
*This psychedelic community and its partners do not participate in or endorse illegal activities.
*And hey, really, we WILL NOT help you find drugs! Don’t ask, don’t imply, don’t try to be cute.
*Join us with an open heart and mind, make friends, and don't be sketchy.

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