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What we’re about

These heart centered, online gatherings are a place for you to connect with the spirit realms and others. All from the comfort of your own home!

Nicole Parish is an International Psychic Medium whose down-to-earth personality has warmed hearts and brought ease to many.  She has read for people all over the globe and connected them with their spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side. She has seen that if we open our hearts and minds to the spirit realms, we can immeasurably enhance the way we live and love today.

Nicole offers classes on Energetic Hygiene, Energetic Boundaries, Playing with Energy, and more.

During the pandemic, Nicole began offering Free Psychic Group Readings to the global community as a way to pay it forward for the blessings she has received in her life.

During the Free Psychic Group Readings, Nicole joyfully passes on messages to share with the entire group and also with some individuals. Often, Nicole is guided by spirit to lead the gathering through a visualization or excersise. This can be anything from centering and grounding, cleansing our auras or energy fields, cutting attachments to others, strengthening the boundaries and protection we have around us, or whatever else the guides recommend. It is exciting to see what unfolds!

During private readings, Nicole works together with the client to answer some of their questions and receive guidance. This is for both in the daily workings of their life and also looking at the bigger picture of their soul life.

Nicole has a passion for empowering people so they can live their best life. Psychic readings can help point a person in the right direction when they cannot see it clearly for themselves or they need confirmation or courage.

Breath deeply, relax, and settle into a Class or a One on One, Couples, or Group Reading with Nicole.



Nicole Parish is a gifted International Psychic and Medium, a person who communicates with the spirit realms and loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Nicole’s first memory of seeing and speaking with a spirit was when she was eight years old. It was a deeply loving and pivotal experience for her. One which has ushered in over forty years of communication with Spirit. Nicole has two adult children who are also psychic, as well as a highly intuitive father, grandmother, aunt, and others in her family. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA. In her one-on-one private and group sessions Nicole connects with a person’s spirit guides, helpers, and loved ones who have crossed over. The messages people receive are on a wide variety of subjects such as work, partnership, healing outdated patterns, family dynamics, finances, loving connection with a relative, grief and loss, connecting with Source and/or Benevolent Beings, and more. In each experience, whether it be with clients in North America, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, China, Europe, India, or somewhere else in the world, Nicole creates a loving space for a person to connect with their team of light. She is passionate about working with a wide range of communities, such as people of all ages, religious beliefs (including athiest and agnostic), People Of Color, Sex Workers, and LGBTQIA+ (which she is a part of). Nicole DELIGHTS in seeing who shows up and is always curious what will come through!