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What we’re about

 "As intuition grows, the need to make problems and see complications starts to dwindle.  When we decide to take back our power, we discover the true solver of problems is intuition, not reason."  Deepak Chopra

Comprehensive Practices for Developing Intuitives and Psychics

Expand All Your Senses and Skills for Universal Perception

In today's world, we have now become far more aware of our inter-connectedness with all aspects of the universe.  We no longer see from just our own myopic perspectives as we once did.  The value of opening our senses, of expanding our awareness, of having the ability to see with sharp clarity is greater now than ever before.  Whether to be used for greater understanding of your own work, relationships, finding your soul's purpose, financial management or decisions about your will experience significant advantages through the practices of developing your skills.


We explore all phases of development for advanced intuition and psychic skills including expanding our clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, aura viewing and energetic healing, remote viewing, interdimensional sensing, automatic writing and much more.  All modes of energy healing are an aspect of channeling energy through intuitive means. We practice various forms of meditation and dozens of exercises that deepen our skills.  In addition, we play games and use tools such as card systems, divining rods, pendulums, crystals, sound healing with crystal bowls, drums, digeridoos and other native instruments. Vibrational Management (managing the vibrational fields within yourself, surrounding environment and inter dimensionally in increasingly taking center stage as a foundation to all other development.   These gatherings take place in Annapolis and all over Va and DC.

The practice of Channeling has become more mainstream in recent years, and while our members have been developing in various aspects of channeling since we began in 2005, our focus has turned to the revolutionary spiritual development tool of **Channeling Universal Wisdom**. 

Ultra-beginners to the very advanced are warmly invited to join us in Annapolis and also by Zoom for these life-changing practices!

*In addition, we gather periodically for :


    gather in circles/paired exercises with our wonderful global community for development of skills through guided instruction

    you needn't be in person in order to sense or see for another person

    dozens of topics and practices

    guided meditations, lecture, discussion, Q&A sessions

    abundant support is provided for the newest of beginners

    Message Board for questions, ideas and support

    avoid long commutes ~ join in from anywhere globally

    just add slippers and a candle to join us for an enriching circle time!

Every experienced psychic and medium will tell you that the #1 key for expanding skills is consistency in DO join us often!

**Our members are beginners and masters alike 
who gather to support, learn and grow together. Lifelong friendships have developed through this group over the years ~ "we always have a great time together!"

                                                                                   ~~All levels are Welcome~~

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your path of development,   Sheila

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