Agile, UX, DevOps and Culture - Where do they meet?

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In this meetup, we will have two exciting talks that will help us think about DevOps in a broader sense, beyond Dev and Ops. How does UX fit in with Agile and DevOps? How do we build a true DevOps culture that takes into consideration all the different teams and roles in our organization?

Join this meetup to find out!

Doors open at 19:00 and talks will start at 19:15 sharp, please be on time!

There will be drinks and food after the talks, as usual!

We will have a book to raffle among those who arrive before 19:15!


Talk #1: UXIDevOps: The Trojan Horse for Implementing a DevOps Culture
Speaker: Domingos da Silva

As companies grow, the need for a DevOps Mindset that shapes its processes from scratch is essential. Not having this culture and centralizing it to a single team or putting it too late into action can be catastrophic for an organization as it walks towards fully automated processes.

On this talk we will not only talk about “The DevOps way of life” but how we can achieve a perfect synchronization between all of the areas inside a company so that automation becomes a creed and not so much of an imposed rule by the bosses while we keep in mind the UX and UI of it for the people involved, with some practical examples along the way.

Domingos Da Silva works during the day as Lead Infrastructure Engineer at Farfetch, responsible for all things CI/CD to ensure that the process and best practices are applied and as a Game Designer/Developer at night at SunkenShip aiming for different experiences. Both worlds collide on a daily basis as he tries to mix over a decade of experience on both worlds to get the best of both and improve the existing frontiers.


Talk #2: How to Include Design and UX in an Agile Product Delivery
Speaker: Nuno Viegas

Uncertainty is one of the main problems of any business... so, what do do if neither Agile or (God forbid!) Waterfall are at the moment solving the business goals, delivering the right thing with as minimum effort possible?

The answer is the correct implementation of UX and Design work in line with key DevOps principles such as deploying to production as fast as possible to shorten the feedback loop. By following a Lean UX framework, where we believe in doing just enough research and perform the right amount of project deliverables, we can reduce uncertainty while maintaining delivery speed.

Come and meet us to see how to reduce uncertainty while continuing to deliver quickly!

Nuno Viegas is a designer and educator with 10 years of experience in transforming large enterprises and public institutes through Human-Centered-Design methods. Most of his career, he's been in a consultancy environment where he worked alongside internal teams to transform their business in organizations such as Vodafone, British Telecom, the British Army or Thomson Reuters. Recently he also taught UX in Singapore. Having returned to Portugal he's now working as a UX designer at Talkdesk.


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