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Launch your Product: Tools and Metrics from idea to Product/Market fit @ENTER

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An overview of all the steps you have to go through to launch a product, and tools and metrics to help you at each of these steps.

This is a technical overview of all the skills, tools and culture necessary to launch a web product. This workshop is designed for beginners and there's no need to bring a laptop.

• Define a product pitch, using examples of start ups from Le Wagon alumni

• Introduction to the AARRR framework

• Basics on how the internet works, what's HTTP, what's an API

• Useful services and tools that entrepreneurs can use to activate their landing, automate processes, track metrics, prototype their MVP (mailchimp, Typeform, Formkeep, Google Analytics, Zapier, Olark etc..).


• No pre-requisite, this is a workshop for beginners

• No need to bring your laptop

⭐️ A big thanks to Altice and ENTER for providing the space ( ⭐️