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Coding Bootcamp 101 - everything you need to know

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Curious about Le Wagon’s full-time program, but unsure of what to expect or if an intensive coding bootcamp is even right for you? During this meetup, we give you the low down on what you need to know BEFORE enrolling in a coding bootcamp and what to expect during 9 weeks at Le Wagon.

We will also take you through the entire "full stack," the five primary technologies we use at Le Wagon to create web apps. This means that as you are reading through a list of technologies, you know where each one fits. On the client, the front end, the technologies will include html, css, and JavaScript. On the server, the back end, our technologies include a programming language called Ruby, it’s framework, Rails, and SQL, a database management system. We will also further define the basic terminology and concepts you need to know about web app development including other languages, libraries, and frameworks. It will help you understand where all of the technologies fit and what you need to know BEFORE entering our bootcamp.

⭐️ A big thanks to Altice and ENTER for providing the space ( ⭐️